Climate Dispatch: February 24, 2023: Fossil Fuel Industry is Fanning the Flames with Funds – with Senator Alison Clarkson 

Today’s Episode

Today we’re joined by Senator Alison Clarkson, Senate Majority Leader and longtime climate champion representing the Windsor District in the Vermont Legislature. The Affordable Heat Act – the most impactful climate bill under consideration in the Legislature this session – advanced to the Senate Appropriations Committee and we’re anticipating a vote next week that would move the bill to the full Senate. 

The fossil fuel industry is filling the airwaves and people’s mailboxes with deeply misleading, fear-mongering misinformation in an effort to oppose S.5, the Affordable Heat Act. Cutting through the rhetoric and fear-mongering, this is what is real: Over the last two years, the cost of #2 fuel oil rose by about $2.00 a gallon. We’re tethered to a system that is inequitable and costly for Vermonters. 

And as Senator Clarkson outlines in the Dispatch today, it’s not just costly for the average Vermonter’s bank account, but the fossil fuel status-quo is also deeply costly for the future of Vermont’s economy. Skiing, sugaring, foliage, and so much more of what we love about Vermont is at risk if we don’t create a blueprint to transition to a clean energy economy.

Call to Action

NOW is the moment to call your Senator(s) and let them know you support the Affordable Heat Act. Next week, we anticipate the Senate Appropriations Committee will vote to advance the bill to the full Senate, and it will be an all hands on deck approach to ensuring it reaches the House despite attacks from the fossil fuel industry. 

Call or email your Senators today! Tell them that you support S.5, the Affordable Heat Act. You can also call the Vermont State House Sergeant at Arms, at 802-828-2228. Let them know what town you live in, and ask them to deliver a message to your Senator(s). Ask them to support S.5 to transition to cleaner, cheaper heat for Vermonters and real climate action. 

Thank you for supporting climate action – we’ll be back next week with an update!