Climate Dispatch—April 23, 2021: Sen. Chris Pearson & Rep. Sarah Copeland Hanzas

Today’s episode

In today’s Climate Dispatch, we’re joined by Senator Chris Pearson and Representative Sarah Copeland Hanzas, the co-chairs of the Vermont Legislative Climate Solutions Caucus (CSC). Get an update on CSC’s work gathering input on how Vermont might best spend a significant portion of American Rescue Plan (ARPA) dollars — or other potential ensuing infrastructure stimulus dollars — on climate beneficial, money-saving outcomes.

Plus, learn how legislative leaders are thinking about President Biden’s exciting Earth Day commitment to cut U.S. climate pollution by half over the next decade. And hear how your voice might be helpful in this moment, as the Senate Appropriations Committee wraps up their budget recommendations and the full Senate is likely to vote on that budget next week. 

Call to action

Thank you to all of you who’ve already been reaching out to your legislators and asking them to make a significant commitment to climate with these once-in-a-generation dollars. In particular, we urge them to set aside $200 million to help implement the upcoming Climate Action Plan being developed by the Climate Council. We also need them to commit to investments in weatherization, grid modernization, clean heat and transportation innovations, and more.

Let’s ensure Vermont seizes this moment to make a powerful downpayment on long-overdue, equitable climate progress! Now is our chance to help Vermont reduce energy costs, enhance equity and energy independence, put people to work in the clean energy economy, and build more resilient communities. 

Find your Senators’ contact information here and send them a personal email or give them a call. Thank them for their work, and make sure they know how important these climate investments are to you, and to Vermont!