Transportation and Climate Initiative

Transportation is currently Vermont’s least renewable energy sector and the largest source of pollution in the state, generating 42% of our greenhouse gas emissions.

There are tremendous environmental, economic and equity-creating benefits at our fingertips if we get serious about transforming our outdated regional transportation system. Now is the time to implement an economy-wide approach to reduce greenhouse emissions in our antiquated transportation sector.

What is the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI)?

In December 2018, nine states (including Vermont) and Washington, D.C. announced their commitment to taking a more serious step forward to tackle carbon emissions from the transportation sector. Find the announcement here.

The coalition, called the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI), announced its intent to design a new regional low-carbon transportation policy proposal within the year that would cap and reduce carbon emissions from the combustion of transportation fuels and invest proceeds from the program into low-carbon and more resilient transportation infrastructure.

Our Transportation Future

As part of the coalition Our Transportation Future, VNRC has been working collaboratively with other Northeast organizations and allies to support TCI, a state-led regional effort.

Read the advocates’ response here to the formation of TCI in December 2018.

TCI News & Updates

MOU comment period (December 18, 2019 – February 28, 2020)

Effective December 18, 2019, TCI states are planning and beginning to implement a range of activities to ensure that their final proposed policy (view the draft here) reflects further input from diverse stakeholders, rigorous technical analysis, and consultation with leading experts.  

TCI invites you to share your input during a 60-day comment period. Use this form. All material submitted through the form will inform the participating jurisdictions in the regional policy design process. The comment period closes on February 28, 2020.

Consult VNRC’s TCI talking points as you prepare your comment.

TCI Memorandum of Understanding (December 2019)

On December 17, 2019, Vermont joined other New England and mid-Atlantic states, along with Washington, D.C., in issuing a draft Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the Transportation & Climate Initiative (TCI).

While insufficient as outlined to address the scope of emissions coming from the transportation sector, the MOU is nonetheless a long-awaited and potentially significant step forward that will help protect the health of our children and all Vermonters and foster a more diverse, clean transportation network, including raising revenues to invest in strategies that serve low-income and rural Vermonters.

Read the full press release here, which includes Vermont organizations’ reactions to the MOU.

Regional policy proposal (November 2019)

In November 2019, jurisdictions participating in TCI made available a framework for a draft regional policy proposal to reduce greenhouse gas pollution from transportation, and encouraged interested individuals and organizations to provide feedback on the draft framework. 

VNRC, along with Vermont Conservation Voters, Transportation for Vermonters, Audubon Vermont, Capstone Community Action, VEIC, and VPIRG, submitted comments on November 5, 2019. Find the comments here.


With questions about TCI, email Johanna Miller at [email protected] or call 802-223-2328, x112.