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Your Action Needed on Housing Bill!

Next week the Vermont House of Representatives will be voting on H. 863, a bill that seeks to encourage development of homes for Vermonters of all incomes in and around our downtowns and village centers as well as within growth centers.
Smart Growth Vermont has worked with various stakeholders throughout the summer and fall to provide information and suggestions on how to best address Vermont’s need for affordable housing without fragmenting the surrounding rural countryside. H. 863, currently under consideration by the House, strikes a balance by addressing the need for new housing, building on the investments we’ve made in our communities and protecting our farms, forests and wildlife habitat.
The bill faces stiff opposition from the Administration and others who characterize it as “anti-growth” and claim it restricts the amount of housing that can be built.
What You Can Do
Contact your lawmakers and tell them legislation that reduces costs and eases permitting requirements for homes that Vermonters can afford must also protect the surrounding landscape from scattered development.