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What Vermonters Think

The 2010 Vermonter Poll, conducted by the University of Vermont’s Center for Rural Studies in cooperation with Smart Growth Vermont, shows that Vermonters are shifting their focus from the problem of sprawl to the solution of focused development, with a strong preference for our downtowns and village centers. Vermonters also overwhelmingly prefer to shop in their own neighborhood or their local downtown, echoing the national “buy local” trend.

More and more, Vermonters want the same things other Americans do – a home and a job in the same zip code and a vibrant downtown where they can shop as well as play. According to a recent poll by Smart Growth America, the majority of Americans – regardless of political affiliation – report that being able to walk to stores or restaurants will have a very strong impact on their next decision about where to live, with lower transportation costs playing a significant role in their decision. For more a full report on the poll results, visit our web page.