Wetlands bill passes House

Wetlands bill passes House

April 15, 2009

The State House of Representatives has given its approval to legislation that will lead to a more complete and accurate mapping of state wetlands, as well as improve their designation process. The bill – which responds to a Vermont Supreme Court decision faulting the laws on the books – has been a priority for VNRC in recent years, and its passage in the House is an important victory. From the Brattleboro Reformer report:


“This legislation shows what Vermonters with widely divergent interests can accomplish when they sit down, roll up their sleeves and focus on what’s good for Vermont’s natural resources over the long haul,” said Kim Greenwood, staff scientist with the Vermont Natural Resources Council, in a statement.

“All parties here have made compromises for the greater good of improving the regulation of our wetlands,” she added.


The bill now heads to the Senate. Keep an eye on this site for further updates as it progresses.