Welcome 2018 legislative session interns!

Welcome 2018 legislative session interns!

Each year, VNRC welcomes a select number of interns to our office during the legislative session. Our interns gain hands-on experience working on strategic campaigns and organizational projects that tackle concrete problems and solutions on a state and local level relating to climate action, clean water concerns, forest integrity, environmental policy, thriving and sustainable communities, and more.

This year, we’re excited to host Matt Bockey, George Fiske, and Aleks Taylor.

Legal Extern: Matt Bockey
Matt is pursuing a LLM in Environmental Law at Vermont Law School. He plans to take the Bar Exam over the summer and afterwards to work for an environmental organization that focuses on wildlife and natural resources conservation initiatives. While at VNRC, Matt will be supporting our litigation and policy work. “VNRC has a great reputation and works in a variety of capacities,” noted Matt. “I am excited to be at VNRC during the legislative session and to have the opportunity to work with experienced attorneys and staff.” (Thanks, Matt!)

Legislative Intern: Aleks Taylor
Aleks is serving as our 2018 Legislative Intern in partnership with Vermont Conservation Voters. He graduated from University of Vermont in December 2017 having majored in political science and environmental studies. “I am excited to join the dedicated VNRC team for this legislative session,” said Aleks. “Vermont is a progressive state with a focus on citizen inclusion in the political process, and this role combines my interests in politics and environmental protection.” In the future, Aleks hopes to attend law school and focus on international environmental initiatives and international relations. Perhaps a U.N. position focused on environmental politics and international development is in his future? We hope so!

Student Ambassador: George Fiske
George is a junior at Bates College, studying Chinese language and physics. At Bates, he works with the Sustainability Department as part of the EcoRep program, where he helps organize and implement environmental programs and policy on campus. This spring, George will be studying abroad in Taipei, Taiwan. “I’m excited to be involved with sustainability work outside of the college context,” said George. “I hope to learn about environmental policy on the social, legal, and political level while at VNRC.” Throughout the month of January, George will be helping VNRC program directors amplify their program outreach, shadowing them at the State House, and researching key pieces of environmental legislation and policy.