VNRC’s F-35 Opposition Letters

VNRC’s F-35 Opposition Letters

The Vermont Natural Resources Council recently expressed our opposition to the basing of F-35 jets at the Burlington International Airport. Specifically, VNRC filed comments to the United States Air Force and wrote a letter to the Burlington City Council.

“While we recognize the many valuable contributions of the Vermont Air National Guard to our economy, our communities, and emergency response, we believe that bringing F-35 jets to Burlington will have the effect of reducing housing options and livability in the neighborhoods near the airport,” said Kate McCarthy, VNRC’s Sustainable Communities Program Director. “The housing likely to be affected is not only some of the most affordable housing the area, it’s also smart growth housing – compact neighborhoods where people can walk, use transit, and save money on transportation. The state has long-standing goals and policies that encourage neighborhoods like these, and it doesn’t make sense to undermine them by siting the F-35s next to one of the state’s most urban areas,” she said.

Read the comments to the United States Air Force

Read the letter to the Burlington City Council

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