VNRC, Partners Call for Action on Climate Change

VNRC, Partners Call for Action on Climate Change

April 26, 2007

VNRC’s work to press for substantive, state-led initiatives to combat climate change gathers momentum. VNRC joined partners in the Vermont Environmental Collaborative in the State House today to demonstrate united support for the comprehensive energy bill under consideration in the Legislature. The bill would take vital steps forward on efforts to tackle global warming and generate clean, renewable sources of energy.

VNRC and other partners see the bill as an essential step in the fight to achieve the 80 percent reductions in greenhouse gas emissions scientists say are necessary to avert climate catastrophe.

“On April 14th, thousands of Vermonters joined the largest day of environmental action in our country’s history. They sent a loud, clear call for local and national legislation to step it up on global warming,” said VNRC’s Executive Director Elizabeth Courtney. “To achieve our aggressive goals we’ll need strong leadership to cut pollution in our transportation, heating and electricity sectors. This bill is a must-pass first step.”

VNRC continues to reiterate this message in our work in the State House, in the media and to our members. Read an opinion piece written recently by VNRC’s Executive Director Elizabeth Courtney here.

The comprehensive energy bill is widely expected to pass the Senate in the coming weeks. The differences between the Senate and House versions would then be worked out in a conference committee and sent to the Governor’s desk for passage into law. The Governor has yet to come out in support of the energy legislation. VNRC and other partners will continue to urge his leadership and commitment to this challenge by signing this legislation into law. Stay tuned…

For more information, read the press announcement of today’s event here or contact Johanna Miller at 223-2328 ext. 112 or