VNRC Hosts Water Activist Maude Barlow

VNRC Hosts Water Activist Maude Barlow

July 2006

VNRC hosted two back-to-back keynote addresses by one of the world’s leading experts on threats to global water resources follow closely on the heels of action in the Vermont Legislature to safeguard the fresh water flowing beneath our feet.

On July 12 in Burlington and July 13 in Manchester, VNRC hosted Maude Barlow, co-author of a seminal book on the issue of world water privatization and commodification — Blue Gold: The Fight to Stop Corporate Theft of the World’s Water. Ms. Barlow delivered a compelling and enlightening keynote address about the increasingly heated debates over ownership of the world’s fresh water. She brought the world water crisis right down to Vermont’s backdoor, indicating that if decisive action were not taken at the state level, local water resources remain vulnerable to depletion and degradation. She commended recent action by VNRC, legislative leaders, and grassroots activists for their work to protect Vermont’s fresh water resources, noting that the recent groundwater protection bill signed into law was an exciting and imperative first step.

The groundwater protection bill, passed during the 2006 legislative session, establishes an interim process designed to safeguard Vermont against groundwater depletion and contamination until a long-term, comprehensive program is put in place.

Passage of H. 294 takes a critical step forward and represents over two years of planning, collaboration, and hard work among VNRC’s policy team, legislative leaders, and grassroots partners. Read more about the groundwater protection bill’s passage here, a milestone in VNRC’s groundwater protection campaign.
Read more about this issue and Ms. Barlow’s analysis of the world water crisis in recent Vermont media. Visit:

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Click here to read the groundwater protection bill as passed by the House and Senate and signed into law by Governor Jim Douglas.

These events are made possible with generous support from the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation.

Photo courtesy of Google Images by the City of Toronto