VNRC Highlights Natural Resources Concerns Over Vermont Yankee

VNRC Highlights Natural Resources Concerns Over Vermont Yankee

VNRC recently underscored our concerns with threats to natural resources posed by Vermont Yankee’s contamination of groundwater and thermal pollution from continued discharges of heated water into the Connecticut River. At a State House press conference March 21 – the day Vermont Yankee was scheduled to shut down – VNRC’s General Counsel Jamey Fidel offered the following statement:

“VNRC feels strongly that the PSB has the authority to ensure that VY will not have an undue adverse effect on the environment and water quality.”

There are valid environmental concerns that do not relate to preempted issues regarding safety. VNRC, who is also representing Connecticut River Watershed Council, will continue to participate in the Public Service Board proceeding encouraging the Board to consider the decommissioning costs for remediation of groundwater contamination and impacts to fish in the Connecticut River from thermal discharges by the plant. Our position is we do not believe a CPG should be issued for the continued operation of the plant because of compliance issues with existing orders, MOU’s, and Vermont’s environmental laws, and trust issues related to VY as a fair and reliable partner to the State of Vermont.

VNRC will continue to work with the parties that are gathered here assure that Vermont’s interests are protected.

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