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Video Project Highlights How People are Preparing for the Coming Heating Season – and Our Energy Future

How are you preparing for the coming winter? Have higher gas prices changed how you get to work? A new video project is exploring how the recession and fluctuating fuel prices are changing how people in Chittenden County generate, use and save energy.

“The previous heating seasons, combined with the recession, were a wake-up call,” says Barry Lampke, Director of the Champlain Initiative. “Through our Changing Face of Chittenden County project, we are asking people if they are changing how they heat their homes, get to work and plan for our energy future.”

The Champlain Initiative’s Changing Face of Chittenden County project makes connections between the issues of health, energy, change population and information technologies, tells the stories people embracing changes, and provides resources for you to take action

Visit www.champlaininitiative.com to share your opinion or story about energy issues, see what others think, and learn how you can take action at home, work and in your community.