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Vermont Yankee Misleads Vermonters

January 15, 2010

Yesterday news broke that Entergy Nuclear, the parent company of the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant, misled Vermont regulators — under oath — when it denied the existence of underground pipes beneath the plant.

Within the context of other recent news — the fact that a dangerous radioactive isotope called tritium has been leaking into the groundwater around the plant — Entergy’s ‘mischaracterization’ represents an egregious breach of the public trust.
The Douglas administration has called this event “a real problem,” and the Vermont Department of Public service is now looking into fining Entergy for misrepresenting the existence of underground pipes.
Let your legislators know that this kind of behavior cannot and must not be tolerated.
Read all about this situation in an article in today’s Burlington Free Press — “State Rips Vermont Yankee.”
Lawmakers need to hear loud and clear from Vermonters that this kind of behavior, which could put public health and safety at risk, is not acceptable. Vermont Yankee lobbyists are are trying to spin their way out of this mess. Contact your legislator today and urge them to shut down Vermont Yankee.
Vermont should not partner with a company that clearly has such disregard for public health and safety. There’s a better way forward to meet Vermont’s energy needs, and closing the dangerous, decrepit nuclear power plant will help the state move in that direction far faster.