Vermont Senate Denies Vermont Yankee

Vermont Senate Denies Vermont Yankee

February 25, 2010

Yesterday, in an overwhelming, bipartisan vote, the Vermont Senate yesterday sent one loud, clear message: “The time is now to retire Vermont Yankee.”  The vote was 26-4.  

It would not have happened without you!

Your calls, letters and direct lobbying of your Senators helped make the difference in what was a unique and historic action by a state legislature to vote to shut down a nuclear power plant. Congratulations!  Click here to read the New York Times coverage of the vote in the national context, and click here to read local coverage.

Now, the easy part: Let’s thank our courageous, forward-thinking Senate for choosing a smart course for Vermont’s energy future.

The Senators listed below voted to shut down the plant on time. If you are a constituent of any of these Senators, please, do two things. First, call the Sergeant-at-Arms office at the State House at 828-2228 and leave messages for your Senators thanking them for their vote.  Second, write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper publicly thanking the Senate for the strong, clean energy message they sent with their vote.

The Road Ahead

As we celebrate this victory, we at VNRC know our work is not done. Vermont Yankee has polluted the groundwater around the plant ­– and now the Connecticut River, with radioactive tritium – and we are working hard to be sure Entergy cleans up that pollution and that Vermonters are not left holding the bag for the costs of cleanup.

Please stay tuned as we continue toward a clean energy future, and again, thanks for all you do!



These Senators voted against continued operation of Vermont Yankee: (please thank them!)

Addison County: Claire Ayer, Harold Giard

Bennington County: Robert Hartwell, Richard Sears

Caledonia County: Matthew Choate, Jane Kitchel

Chittenden County: Timothy Ashe, Edward Flanagan, Ginny Lyons, Hinda Miller, Doug Racine, Diane Snelling.

Essex/Orleans County: Vincent Illuzzi

Franklin County: Randy Brock, Sara Kittell

Lamoille County: Susan Bartlett

Orange County: Mark  MacDonald

Rutland County: William Carris, Kevin Mullin

Washington County: Ann Cummings, William Doyle

Windham County: Peter Shumlin, Jeanette White

Windsor County: John Campbell, Richard McCormack, Alice Nitka.