Vermont Planning Information Center Is Back!

Vermont Planning Information Center Is Back!

Check it out! The Vermont Planning Information Center –WWW.VPIC.INFO – is back!

The new and improved website for Vermont’s volunteer and professional land use decision-makers consolidates access to the resources you need including:

– All planning and zoning publications produced by Land Use Education and Training Collaborative

– Links to key websites and documents

– An improved calendar of training events (trainers can post events directly)

Thanks go to VAPDA for stepping into the breach to provide the staff and resources for the redesign and for providing on-going technical support for the site.  Thank you also to Faith Ingulsrud and her team of supervisors at ACCD, for allowing her time to coordinate and push the effort to completion.

You may find things that still need tweaking on the site.  You can send questions and comments to me, Peg Elmer,  Or, to obtain access to the calendar, please contact Alison Low at  It’s simple, regular training providers will be given access to post their events.