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Vermont College Joins Carbon Neutrality Effort

This month, Middlebury College announced that it had achieved a net zero carbon footprint, a goal the college has been working towards for years. Carbon neutrality means the college has balanced the measured amount of carbon pollution it produces with an equivalent amount sequestered or offset. Key steps to reaching this goal included transitioning nearly three-fourths of the schools heating needs to locally sourced biomass, making major investments in efficiency improvements, partnering in several solar projects, and purchasing and conserving in perpetuity 2,100 acres of forestland on Middlebury’s Bread Loaf Mountain campus in Ripton, which sequesters enough carbon to offset their remaining carbon footprint.

Middlebury joins a growing list of Vermont communities working toward net zero energy and carbon reduction goals, including Montpelier and Burlington. Interested in joining local efforts to transition off of fossil fuels? Learn more about and join the network of communities taking on clean energy and climate action with the Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network at www.vecan.net.*

*VNRC is the coordinator of VECAN.