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The Legislative Session is Nearing: Are You Ready?

We are getting ready! Soon the holiday season will be a distant memory and the legislative session will be in full swing. With tough budgetary times and a new administration, 2011 may be an interesting year. Smart Growth Vermont and our legislative partner, Preservation Trust of Vermont (link) will be tracking and working on the following issues:

  • Economic stimulus through an improved designated downtowns and village centers redevelopment tax credit program. There is a waiting list for tax credits for projects that are ready for renovations. These restoration projects utilizes more labor than a new development project – creating local jobs! To watch – the Governor’s budget.
  • Updates to the Vermont Neighborhood Program to include an option for developers to apply for designation for a project that meetings the density, design and locational requirements. No bill to watch yet, but stay tuned.
  • Monitoring any changes to funding for the Housing and Conservation Board. To watch – the Governor’s budget.
  • Eliminating strip development along our roadways. No bill yet, but stay tuned.
  • Complete Streets legislation to encourage communities to plan for pedestrians and other modes of transportation as well as cars. There will be a new bill for this session.

Look for our periodic electronic Legislative Alerts during the session to stay abreast of the issues. And, if you’re not already, take a moment to become a member of Smart Growth Vermont. Every membership allows us to continue working on critical State Policy issues.