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The East Montpelier Groundwater Moratorium & the “Public Trust” Issue: A Mini-Documentary

March 4th, 2008

In the face of concerns over possible impacts to the environment and local water supplies, the East Montpelier Town Meeting passed a 3 year moratorium on large water extractions, allowing time for questions surrounding the large scale commercial water bottling project proposed for a spring near the East Montpelier/Montpelier town line can be fully vetted. VNRC was at the meeting with a camera, and in lieu of this week’s installment of our “Dispatches From the Statehouse” regular web feature, present the mini web documentary (runtime 20 minutes) In The Public Trust: The East Montpelier Town Meeting Stands Up For Groundwater below (you can also keep an eye out for in on your local Public Access TV channels over the coming weeks).