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Taking Cities in Stride

Searching for pedestrian-friendly cities across the U.S.? Walk Score is an innovative website that evaluates neighborhoods’ walkability through their proximity to nearby stores, restaurants, schools, parks, and community centers. Walk Score has ranked more than 2,000 U.S. neighborhoods to help individuals find walkable places to live.
The top ten most pedestrian-oriented cities are San Francisco, New York, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, Washington, Long Beach, Los Angeles and Portland. It also lists the ten least walkable cities based on the evaluation. Northeastern and West Coast cities are most prevalent among the most walkable cities and are among the oldest cities in the country. The website was created in 2007 to promote citizens to live in walkable neighborhoods and encourage healthy lifestyle habits, strong, active communities, and citizen solutions to climate change. To Read More.
The Highway Safety Research Center has just released funding opportunities for 10 communities to pilot test the use of their new guidebook on ways to improve walkability and pedestrian safety. To read more and apply, click here.