Support Healthy, Intact Forests

Support Healthy, Intact Forests

This is it. A call to your legislator(s) today could be the final push needed to pass legislation that will help sustain our forests into the future.

The Vermont Senate will vote today on a forest-related bill bill (H.857). Vermont’s forests, wildlife and landowners will win big if this bill passes. Passing this bill will:

  • Help maintain intact forests and wildlife habitat through better local and regional planning;
  • Help maintain working forests at the municipal level;
  • Help landowners donate land for conservation purposes; and
  • Promote strategies to help landowners plan for the long-term ownership of their forests.

Please help us with a quick phone call or email to your Senator(s) this morning. Or, you can simply call the Vermont State House Sergeant-at-Arms at: (802) 828-2228.

The Sargeant-at-Arms will ask where you live, and then will be able to deliver a message right to your Senator(s). You can just leave a brief message for them, such as:

“As a constituent, I urge you to please support H.857 to maintain the integrity of our invaluable forests.”

If you want to provide a bit more detail, this vote matters for many reasons:

  • Forests are an incredible asset for Vermont, from jobs in the woods and recreation, to clean water and more. We should support legislation that helps maintain the integrity of our forests.
  • The threat of forest fragmentation is real, and it’s concerning that our forests are declining for the first time in over a century. I support H.857 because it encourages working forests and local and regional planning for intact, healthy forests and wildlife habitat.
  • In light of our efforts to clean up Lake Champlain and Vermont’s waters across the state, this legislation will help maintain intact forests, which are essential for improving water quality.
  • Nearly 17% of landowners in Vermont owning 10 acres or more plan to sell or transfer their land in the next 5 years. The bill addresses this concerning trend by promoting strategies for landowners to maintain intact forests into the future.

Thank you for taking action today!


Jamey Fidel, VNRC Forest and Wildlife Program Director

P.S. The few minutes you spend making a phone call or sending an email will make a big difference in helping pass this important legislation to protect our forests. Thanks for clicking here to find your Senator(s)’ contact info to send them a message, or call the Sergeant-at-Arms at: (802) 828-2228 and leave a message now!