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Summit on the Future of Vermont

Close to 500 people gathered on May 11 at the University of Vermont’s Davis Center for the Summit on the Future of Vermont, an event that culminates nearly two years of conversations across the state about what the next 20 years hold for our state. Organized by the Council on Rural Development, the event also served to showcase “Imagining Vermont: Values and Vision for the Future,” a report detailing the findings of the Future of Vermont project.

Smart Growth Vermont staff participated in two of the breakout sessions at the event: one on public transportation and one on land use planning. Each session resulted in a series of recommendations for next steps, including appointing a task force to develop recommendations for a comprehensive overhaul of land use regulations and promoting an integrated approach to transporting the public (as opposed to simply promoting public transportation in the traditional sense). A summary of the recommendations will be available on the Future of Vermont website by mid-June.