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St. Albans Citizens Group Responds to Local Wal-Mart Approval

Statement of the Northwest Citizens for Responsible Growth on Development Review Board’s Approval of Wal-Mart

Members of the Northwest Citizens For Responsible Growth were extremely disappointed with the short-sightedness demonstrated by the St. Albans Development Review Board (DRB) in permitting the Wal-mart application. NWCRG is comprised of residents of St. Albans Town, St. Albans City and the surrounding communities of Franklin County and Grand Isle. We take the position that, apart from profoundly negative impacts on traffic flow and local economic vitality, a 160,000 square-ft. retail establishment, built on prime agricultural soil, represents a misuse of precious resources and will permanently damage the distinctive character of northwest Vermont that attracts so many visitors to the region every year. As locals, we see this as a big-business, big-box incursion from outside of Vermont, with little concern for our local values, family businesses and family farms. If this sort of inappropriate exploitation is continued to develop, it will rob us of pride-of-place at the same time it reduces us to the lowest grade of service economy, in which the poor just steadily get poorer.

— JUNE 2005

To learn more about the Northwest Citizens for Responsible Growth, visit their Web site here.