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Solar Cars Added to Green Mountain Power Fleet

Green Mountain Power is doubling its efforts to become more energy efficient by introducing two new alternative Toyota Prius vehicles to its fleet.
The vehicles are not conventional hybrids, which are electrically charged while the car is running. Instead they’re called ‘plug-in’ hybrids, because they can be charged using a conventional household current.
The Company has installed solar panels on its building. The output from these panels, which are connected to the grid, is allocated to charging the vehicles. The company is monitoring the amount of solar power that is generated so as to ensure that the cars use no more energy than the panels produce.
The Company is using the plug-in cars to demonstrate to the public how this alternative hybrid can decrease carbon emissions by 70%. Any 2004 Toyota Prius or newer can be converted to a plug-in simply by purchasing a kit. For more information on Green Mountain Power’s “Runs on Rays” initiative, visit their website at www.greenmountainpower.com.