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Smart Growth Vermont Welcomes New Staff

We are pleased to announce that two new staff members will join our organization. We have selected Jason Van Driesche as our new Director of Programs. For the last five years, Jason has been Director of the Clean Air and Water Program at Upstate Forever, a non-profit conservation and smart growth advocacy organization in South Carolina. A native of Westhampton, Massachusetts, a rural town in the Berkshire Hills, he understands the issues facing rural towns and small cities of northern New England.
At Upstate Forever, Jason worked with public and private sector partners on low-impact development, ecologically-based stormwater management, traditional neighborhood design, greenway and park planning, and pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure development. Before working at Upstate Forever, he earned an MS in Urban and Regional Planning and an MS in Land Resources, both from the University of Wisconsin.
Michael Miller, AICP CFM will join us as a part-time Senior Planner. For the last seven years, Mike has served as a Senior Land Use Planner for the Lamoille County Planning Commission. He has used his extensive land use planning experience at all levels in Vermont, including serving on local commissions, preparing bylaws and zoning, developing regional plans and working on state panels and committees.
With Jason and Mike on staff, we enhance our capacity to work for change at the state level, and respond to the increasing number of communities requesting land use planning assistance. Welcome Jason and Mike!