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Smart Growth Vermont Presentations Address Preservation of Scenic Road Corridors

In October, Smart Growth Vermont staff participated in two conference panels addressing preservation of scenic road corridors. Executive Director, Noelle MacKay gave a presentation at the Community Matters conference on The Roadscape Guide, which helps communities preserve viewsheds and scenic gateways along road corridors. Together with Brad Cownover, Director of Scenic America, she outlined methodologies and strategies for protecting valuable scenic byways.
Program Director Brian Shupe participated in a panel discussion at a conference for the Northern New England Chapter of the American Planning Association. The focus was preserving scenic corridors to enhance a region’s historic and scenic character. Panelists also shared experiences of Vermont, Maine and Florida’s efforts to protect these byways.
If you are interested in learning more about the preservation of scenic corridors, you can obtain a copy of the Roadscape Guide by contacting Serena Parnau at (802) 864-6310..