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Smart Growth in Action:Farm to Plate Initiative

Building on the momentum of the local food movement, this past May, Representatives Christopher Bray and Jason Lorber collaborated with two non-profits, Rural Vermont and Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility to pass the Farm to Plate Investment Program. Under this program, an advisory board and research team have been assembled to assist the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund in completing an inventory and ten-year strategic plan for Vermont’s farm and food economy. The goal is to support the economic viability of Vermont farms and food enterprises and increase the overall volume of locally produced food that is consumed both locally and regionally.
The strategic plan will identify investment priorities to strengthen the links between farms and our plates and will outline how to best allocate grants, loans, and technical assistance to local farms, businesses, and communities to increase access to fresh, nutritious food. It will also provide a valuable resource for increasing consumer awareness of the local food system.
Kit Perkins, Farm to Plate Project Manager, stresses that the initiative is implemented for Vermonters, by Vermonters. When it comes to expanding and strengthening our State’s food system, collaboration is essential, and Kit welcomes your ideas at farm2plate@vsjf.org.