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Smart Growth in Action: Vermont RideShare Program

Do you commute to work or school alone? Would you like to save money along the way? Whether your commute is fifteen minutes or an hour, carpooling is still a great way to reduce carbon emissions and save money on gas. Fortunately, the Vermont Agency of Transportation offers a program to assist people in finding fellow carpoolers.
The Vermont RideShare Program is a free carpool and vanpool program that offers a computerized matching service for individuals and employers in regions with no bus service. It’s an easy way to significantly reduce your transportation costs by sharing a ride with one or more commuters who are traveling your route. You can choose to carpool every day or just a few times a week – whatever is convenient for you. Vermont RideShare will help you find a commuting solution that’s right for your schedule.

Ride sharing is economical, environmentally sound, and can help Vermonters reduce the environmental impact of driving their cars.