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Smart Growth in Action: Lake Champlain Land Trust

One of the ten principles of smart growth is to conserve open space in order to maintain an ecological balance between our urban and rural environments. The Lake Champlain Land Trust (LCLT), a nonprofit organization founded in 1978, works in partnership with communities and colleagues to preserve the islands, shorelands and natural areas of Lake Champlain. LCLT has contributed to the conservation of several open space and natural areas throughout the region, including 1,200 feet of sandy beach at Rossetti Natural Area in Colchester, 225 acres of forested habitat within Eagle Mountain Natural Area in Milton, nature trails traversing 550 acres within Niquette Bay State Park, and primitive camping sites within the 175 acre Knight Island State Park in North Hero.
One of LCLT’s recent successes was to purchase a key riverside property north of the LaPlatte River and east of Route 7, just north of Shelburne Village. Along one of the banks, LCLT created a low-impact park within walking distance to the village, including the removal of an abandoned house on the property. The future recreational trail will pass right next to the park. A new canoe and kayak launch ladder has also been constructed on the slow moving river. Now, nature lovers paddling down the river are able to take a family-friendly trip to Lake Champlain.
LCLT is celebrating their 30th year of successfully conserving shorelines and acres of lakeshore around Lake Champlain. You can sign up for a free summer hike or learn more about how you can help the Lake Champlain Land Trust conserve Lake Champlain by visiting their website at www.LCLT.org