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Smart Growth in Action: Business Invests in Downtown Location

The Montpelier regional office of Phase Forward, an international data management company, is an exceptional example of a company that discovered the benefits of relocating to a Vermont downtown. In 2000, the former Company, Green Mountain Logic, saw the advantages of expanding from their Rochester offices to a strong, vibrant business community like Montpelier.

CEO John Rosenblum noted one of the main benefits of relocating to a downtown district is having walkable employee access to other businesses such as copy and shipping services and local restaurants. At Green Mountain Logic and now as one of the Vice Presidents of Phase Forward, Rosenblum aims to create and sustain high quality jobs in Central Vermont. Being centrally located also provides employees with the opportunity to use alternative methods of transportation. Of the 16 employees at the regional offices, approximately half carpool, and one employee bikes to work.

The Montpelier offices of Phase Forward are currently located at the south entrance of the Capital on Court Street. Since 1997, the company has been recognized as an international pioneer in providing premier integrated data management solutions for clinical trials and drug safety products and services. In 2007, Phase Forward joined forces with Green Mountain Logic of Montpelier to offer customers the best comprehensive solutions to data management. Globally, the company has over 750 employees throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.