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Smart Growth in Action: Bike Lanes Enhance Transportation Options

The healthiest communities facilitate transportation options by providing sidewalks, sheltered bus stops and park and ride stations. By creating dedicated bike lanes, communities can help create a sense of confidence that bicycling is a safe and viable alternative to other forms of transportation.
Traveling by bicycle is a great way for people to save money, exercise, and reduce air pollution. By recognizing the special challenges cyclists face, cities and towns can support the use of bicycles as an alternative form of transportation by funding safe and convenient travel routes along the most popular and heavily travelled roadways. This is one way cities and towns can help ensure that cycling is a safe and viable transportation option.

In the past few years, many communities have increased or added bike lanes. The Burlington bike path and the South Burlington recreation path create important connections to keep cycling safe where there are busy roadways not conducive to bike lanes. As a result, cycle commuting has become increasingly more popular.

Grants from the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTRANS) to design and construct sidewalk and bike lanes have made them affordable options in towns such as Hartford. In addition to VTRANS, towns interested in creating bike lanes can get a wealth of information from statewide non-profit organizations such as Local Motion and the VT Bicycle and Pedestrian Coalition.