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Smart Growth in Action: Armory Square

Known as “The Block,” the old Armory Square building in Windsor is about to undergo some major improvements. Originally built in 1922 for employee housing, the apartments were later subdivided into seventy-two cramped units, which became subsidized housing in 1989.
Plans for renovation of The Block, which is owned by Housing Vermont, include restoring the exterior brick facade, installation of new ventilation, heating and electrical systems as well as plumbing upgrades.
The number of apartments will be reduced from seventy-two (72) units to fifty-eight (58), twenty-five to thirty of which will continue to be subsidized under federal Section 8 regulations. Three of the units will be designed to accommodate wheelchairs, and others will be rented at affordable rates, based on income levels.
Funding for the renovation of the newly-named NAMCO Block are being provided by the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board, Vermont Community Development Fund, the US Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development Fund, as well as tax credits.