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Gov. Shumlin Signs Bill to Support Downtowns and Curb Sprawling “Strip” Development

On May 27 in St. Albans, Gov. Shumlin signed H.823, a bill that offers new incentives for downtown development and also curbs sprawling strip development outside our existing downtowns and villages.

The bill specifies how development outside of existing downtowns should occur and assures that existing commercial strips are reinvigorated, and not abandoned.  The bill also updates Act 250’s Criterion 5 (traffic) to facilitate better pedestrian, bicycle, and transit access to new development.

“Legislation to address strip development has been a big priority of VNRC’s for many years – this is a very positive step for Vermont.”

Governor Shumlin also signed two complementary bills – H.809, to improve the growth centers program and H.740, which establishes transportation improvement districts and promotes infill – during the signing ceremony.