White River Junction

The glory days of the railroad mark the historic identity of White River Junction, a lively village located within Hartford’s downtown district. Arts, the White River and a boom in new businesses make this village a worthwhile destination.

Home to more than thirty artists, studios and businesses, White River Junction has been undergoing an active revitalization program since the late 1980s. At the forefront of their efforts has been the reuse of many historic structures, such as an old freight house, bakery and post office, all of which have been converted to suit the needs of current businesses.

In an effort to address the infrastructural upgrades that are necessary to maintain the health of many of the historic buildings, Town staff, theHartford Development Corporation and key property owners and developers throughout White River Junction launched a Comprehensive Revitalization Plan in 2007.

The Plan outlines goals to: create a mixture of uses in residential and commercial spaces, reflect sustainable design features appropriate to the historic character of the village, provide public amenities such as open space and parks, and conserve energy. Funding to support these projects has come from a variety of sources, including contributions and federal and state tax credits.

White River Junction is also in the final phase of a growth center application, and the town is hoping that this designation will support revitalization of the downtown and promote compact, mixed use development surrounding the downtown, supported by transit, and bike and pedestrian paths.