Tunbridge World's Fair, circa 1900's.

Located in southern Vermont along Route 110, Tunbridge, Vermont is famous for many historic events and most notably for the annual World’s Fair.  Comprised of three village centers and boasting several historic bridges, Tunbridge is a small town with a very active community.

The town center includes homes, a library, two general stores, town offices and the post office. Tight-knit neighbors often gather for sewing circles or to participate in a neighbor-helping-neighbors group. By far the biggest event of the year in Tunbridge is the World’s Fair. On average, this event brings between 30,000 and 40,000 people through town. The Fair has run annually since it began in 1867, with the exception of 1918, due to World War II and a serious Flu Epidemic. The Fairgrounds are located on 34 acres just behind the town offices, and remains a vital force in the Town’s economy. This year’s Fair runs from September 16th-19th and the main highlights include a Livestock Cavalcade, Rosaire’s Racing Pigs and Memorial Pulling Arena contests, live music, shows and much more!

Modern day Tunbridge World's Fair. Photo courtesy of Nancy Cassidy.

The local Historical Society currently has several revitalization and restoration projects going, including the North Tunbridge Church which is undergoing repairs and renovations to preserve the character of the building.  In July the historic Foundry Bridge was re-constructed after being taken apart and renovated earlier in the spring.

The Planning Commission is planning a restoration in the town forest this fall. They are having a walk-through of the town forest this month as well as a town picnic in October to discuss restoration plans. The town forest has old logging roads and overgrown trails that the Planning Commission plans to repair and restore in order to make it more accessible and family friendly. Another interesting revitalization project that is currently on hold in Tunbridge is their effort to convert all of the town buildings to solar power. The town received a grant for this project but has been unable to come up with the entire funds needed in order to complete it. If the plan does come to fruition, it will mark another successful accomplish for the town and its residents.