Randolph, Vermont is a bustling community nestled at the junction of Route 12 and Route 66. Home of the historic Kimball Library and famous Chandler Music Hall, Randolph has emerged from devastating downtown fires in the 1990’s with a vibrant town center. Boasting a National Historic District in its village center, a Vermont State Designated Downtown, and participation in the National Main Street Program, Randolph continues to evolve as a great Vermont community.

During a recent conversation, Julie Iffland, Executive Director of the Randolph Area Community Development Corporation (RACDC), highlighted some of the exciting projects that are in progress. Recently, Randolph was selected as a pilot site through the Vermont Council on Rural Development to be a Creative Communities Program. This will allow for local residents to evaluate the assets in their community to help plan for economic growth. Currently, Randolph is primed for economic growth. While the local co-op recently closed its doors, local residents have responded by opening a farmstand, and seeking out new possibilities for a co-op or alternative local food venue.

Randolph is also working to provide a variety of housing options for their residents. The Salisbury Square project converts a brownfield site into housing and greenspace adjacent to the Designated Downtown. According to Iffland, “The goal is to provide affordable home ownership in the town center, and expand the housing stock in the area. This will allow Randolph residents to live and work within walking distance of all that the town has to offer.”

Finally, Randolph is celebrating and promoting its natural environment. RACDC and their partners are working to preserve and protect the floodplain forest area, home to a wealth of natural assets, by holding a new spring festival and offering tours and talks on this ecosystem.

Randolph’s vibrant downtown is a great place to visit this summer. Visit the Chamber of Commerce to see what’s happening this week!