Do you know what a moose sounds like? Well, you can find out on the official website for Putney, Vermont. And, that’s not all you’ll discover about this small rural town located in Southern Vermont, between Dummerston and Brattleboro. Putney offers residents and visitors recreational opportunities, a variety of innovative schools and a creative community of artisans.

Shortly after the town was settled in 1753, the community began building an economic base around the textile industry, grist mills and agriculture. Today the community, although still agriculturally based, has a well established tourism industry as well as numerous locally owned artisan shops.

Dating back to the 1790’s, the Putney General Store is the oldest continuous general store in Vermont. A well known and cohesive piece of the community, the store suffered serious fire damage in early May 2008, and businesses in the vicinity almost immediately began noticing a decrease in their own sales as a result. The community has joined forces and raised $20,000 to date, including contributions made by local shopkeepers.

The Putney Historical Society has taken charge of the renovation project and continues to raise money. Plans for the future of the store are still in the works, and could include taking ownership of the building, selling it to new owners, or leasing the business to a shop keeper.

In the meantime, Putney continues as a thriving community, one that has demonstrated a devotion to one of its most important landmarks, and a testament to residents that it will support the success of the entire community.