Morristown is said to be the heartbeat of Lamoille County, but what makes this community throb? Is it the beauty of the surrounding landscape? Or, is it simply the fact that Morristown residents are deeply committed to preserving and revitalizing their community’s city center and supporting local businesses?

Formed in 1999, the Morristown Alliance for Culture and Commerce (MACC) strives to ensure that the downtown and north end commercial districts remain strong and viable, and continue to serve the community’s needs.

As a result of MACC and the community’s hard work, Morrisville was awarded Downtown Designation status in 2003. Since then, many upgrades have occurred and continue in downtown Morristown, including the installation of historically replicated lamp posts (which were purchased individually by local residents), the expansion of water and sewer services, and the re-construction of the Bridge Street Bridge. Various funding has also supported a campaign to promote local downtown businesses.

Several small manufacturing companies such as Concept2HearthstoneManufacturing Solutions, Inc. and Rock Art Brewery, provide numerous jobs for area and strengthen the local economy. Morrisville also has several retail and service industries that cater to the needs of local residents.

Morrisville is also home to the weekly Lamoille Valley Farmers Artisan Market, which started in March 2008. A diverse array of produce and products are available year-round, every Wednesday from 3-6:30 at the River Arts Center. The market is a very local affair: about 20 vendors come each week, half from Morrisville, and most others from less than a 40 minute drive away.

Morrisville and its core, Morristown, have a strong heartbeat, in large part due to the commitment residents have shown for improving and enhancing their community.