Photo courtesy of Town of Jericho

Snowflakes and Green Mountain vistas make the Town of Jericho an appealing place to live and visit. A committed community, Jericho residents have made big strides to preserve the historic and scenic beauty of the surrounding area. In turn, the rural character remains intact, despite being part of the most populated county in the State.

Three village centers make up the small community of Jericho. Jericho Corners, on Route 15, is home to the Old Red Mill, a historic site that presently functions as a museum featuring the iconic photographs of “Snowflake” Bentley, and Joe’s Snack Bar, a local staple for comfort food.  Also along Route 15, at the Underhill/Jericho border, is Underhill Flats.  Here you will find several businesses, the Debra Rawson Memorial Library, and Mills Riverside Park, which offers stunning views of Mt. Mansfield and also provides a gathering place for the summer farmers market and concert series that runs from June through August. If you’re looking for the Jericho Town Library or the Jericho Center Country Store, they can be found in Jericho Center on Browns Trace Road.  You can also enjoy a picnic or take time to relax on the town green.

Over the past two decades, the Jericho community has worked together to preserve natural and recreational areas through their membership with the Winooski Valley Park District, as well as partnerships between the Jericho-Underhill Land Trust and the Vermont Land Trust. In 1970, the Town of Jericho acquired Mobbs Farm, a 260 acre property that offers over nine miles of recreational trails for running, biking, horseback riding, hiking and cross country skiing.

The Jericho-Underhill Land Trust, with the help of the Open Space Reserve Fund, Vermont Land Trust, Vermont Housing Conservation Board, and private contributions, permanently conserved Barber Farm as family-owned agricultural land. This investment will provide opportunities for the community to stimulate the local economy, private agriculture, and community-based food production.

Smart Growth Vermont has also been working with the Town in partnership with the town of Essex to develop and implement strategies that will preserve the integrity of scenic vistas. With this new initiative, Jericho hopes to protect the beautiful views as their community continues to grow.