Smart Growth Resources

We believe that for Vermont to thrive we need to carefully integrate growth, environmental protection and economic opportunities into our local planning framework. This will require the participation of citizens, local and state officials, developers, business leaders and non-profit organizations. Our future depends on careful analysis, dialogue, cooperation, and leadership.

To help achieve this, this section of our website provides information on:

  • the history of land use in Vermont, the various settlement patterns that we see in the state, historic land use trends in Vermont;
  • an overview of our downtowns and village centers and the surrounding rural countryside;
  • an overview of two competing settlement patterns: smart growth and sprawl.
  • Vermonter’s opinions about sprawl and smart growth, in the results of the annual Vermonter Poll.

When you are done, check out the Community Planning Toolbox to see how you can take local action to promote good land use planning and development that reduces sprawl and its inefficiencies.