Land Use Planning

Why should communities plan for their future? For the same reason that individuals, families, small businesses and large corporations do – looking ahead and anticipating change makes sense. Whether we care to admit it, change is occurring in Vermont, and that change is coming faster and with greater implications for Vermont’s communities. Through a thoughtful planning process, Vermonters can protect their communities’ interests, maintain a measure of local control, better manage public investment, and hold onto those qualities that make each community unique.

Vermont’s system of local control over most land use decisions, coupled with our small, accessible volunteer governments, present both an opportunity and a challenge. There is an opportunity for communities to come together around a shared vision for the future, and to put the tools in place to achieve that vision. The challenge is to understand that change is here, it is complex, and that doing nothing – or doing too little – can be have a profound impact on the character and well being of our communities.