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Rain Gardens Make Perfect Filters for Runoff

In an effort to increase awareness of the many benefits of rain gardens, the Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District, UVM Extension and the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, have teamed up to organize the 2009 Rooftop to River-Rain Garden Contest. Deadline for applications is August 15.
Rain can cause significant damage, particularly in areas that are heavily paved. Heavy rains can flush away important soil nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen, carry toxic automobile fluids, contaminating the water system, and erode stream beds and river banks. One way to improve the health of our water system and aquatic life is by creating a rain garden in areas where run-off gathers, such as below a rain gutter. Rain gardens trap pollutants before they reach the lake, allow rain to seep into the soil slowly, leaving nutrients intact, and make an attractive addition to any yard.
What a great summer to create a rain garden! For more information about rain gardens, or to participate in the contest, visit Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District’s website.