Ski Area Development

VNRC continues to play an active role in protecting sensitive alpine areas from large-scale ski area development.  VNRC has an instrumental participant in the Act 250 permit process for massive ski area expansion to ensure that permitting guidelines are met before, during and after permits are issued.

VNRC staff members have conducted site visits at Stowe Mountain Resort (SMR), where much of the SMR master plan is being implemented this summer.  This includes construction of a massive snowmaking pond, a golf course, and numerous residential units.  There are significant risks to water quality when such large-scale developments take place, especially in sensitive areas at the base of Vermont’s tallest mountain, Mt. Mansfield.  VNRC will continue to monitor this project to ensure that the conditions that VNRC fought for in the permit process are met.

VNRC is also continuing its work to ensure that impaired waters at Stratton Mountain Resort are restored.  Thanks to VNRC’s efforts, Stratton’s Act 250 Master Permit requires that Stratton clean up streams that have been polluted by resort development.  The permit includes water quality improvement targets, actions that Stratton must take to restore the streams, and a compliance schedule for clean up in order for Stratton to obtain approval for new development.  VNRC is evaluating the progress that Stratton has made in restoring these waters, and believes that development must be curtailed at Stratton if improvement targets are not met.