Community Planning Toolbox

The Community Planning Toolbox introduces users to the issues, techniques and resources for smart growth and natural resources planning. It can help planning commissioners, Selectboard members, conservation commission members, and town planners, and others discover and implement planning approaches that promote compact centers surrounding by working lands and open spaces. The Toolbox is organized into five main sections:

  • Land Use Planning in Vermont – provides the background and framework for planning in the state.
  • Legal Issues in Planning – touches on key legal issues associated with land use regulation.
  • Issues – summarizes common issues such as preserving farmland or providing housing for residents; designed as a general overview to provide a starting point for community discussions.
  • Tools – outlines a particular policy, plan, bylaw or technique. The summary of each tool describes how it can be used and where to find additional resources.
  • Case Studies – demonstrates how a community has implemented a particular tool. Includes a range of rural, suburban, and more urban examples from around the state.

The Community Planning Toolbox was developed by Smart Growth Vermont, which merged with VNRC on July 1, 2011. Since that time, the toolbox has been maintained and updated by VNRC.