Working Lands and Forest Management

VNRC has a long history of promoting Vermont’s rural, working landscape. Part of this engagement has involved supporting and creating important programs in Vermont, such as the Current Use Program, the Forest Roundtable, and the Working Lands Enterprise Initiative. Within this context, VNRC has a long track record of promoting tax policies and creative approaches to keeping our working forests viable. VNRC has also engaged in policy making related to promoting forest management that maintains forest health and a multitude of ecosystem services. Over the years, VNRC has supported forest management policies like the Heavy Cut Law, the enrollment of ecologically sensitive areas in Current Use, and model harvesting guidelines and retention standards for woody biomass harvesting in Vermont. Finding the right approach to balancing economic and ecological considerations can be challenging, but VNRC continues to be proactive in pushing for policies that address the overall well-being of Vermont’s working forests.


Current Use


Working Lands