Real Estate Agent and Engineer Trainings

Real estate professionals, engineers and site technicians will shape future development in Vermont.  Now they have the opportunity to learn more about how to incorporate natural resource planning into their work with the help of half-day training sessions offered through the Vermont Natural Resources Council and the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department.

The sessions are entitled “A New Way of Seeing the Landscape: Tools for Helping Real Estate Agents, Engineers & Site Technicians Plan and Develop with Natural Resources in Mind.

Development professionals provide advice to their clients that influences how land is subdivided, built upon, and managed in Vermont.  They have a direct effect on the developed and natural landscapes that characterize the identity of the state. Much of Vermont’s economy – including real estate, second home development, tourism, forestry, wildlife viewing and recreation – relies on a high-quality landscape.

The training sessions are designed to help development professionals understand how land can be managed and developed with natural resources as a consideration.  The sessions also can provide them with additional knowledge of what natural resources may exist on a property, a value increasingly in demand by consumers.

“Areas with the highest values for forestry, wildlife and scenery, and healthy natural resources are often the areas that are highly desirable for development,” said Jamey Fidel, forest and biodiversity program director at VNRC. “Part of maintaining Vermont’s quality of life, recreational opportunities, and overall desirability involves careful planning of development so that it supports forest and wildlife health.”