Forests, Wildlife, and Communities Projects

VNRC has helped to spearhead the Forests, Wildlife & Communities Project, which is active in several watersheds levels in Vermont. The goal of the Forests, Wildlife & Communities Project is to implement a regional and landscape level campaign for conservation by advocating with state, federal, and local officials, landowners, real estate agents, engineers, planners, foresters, wildlife biologists, and conservation organizations to implement strategies for forest land and wildlife habitat conservation.

VNRC is helping to oversee two Steering Committees that are active in the Mad River Valley and the Chittenden Uplands area of the Winooski Watershed.  The Steering Committees meet quarterly and focus on many strategies including:

  • Prioritizing key wildlife, forest and natural resource areas through mapping and utilization of biological inventories;
  • Engaging local citizens and landowners to create grassroots support for conservation through diverse non-regulatory strategies and policies.
  • Promoting sound local land use development through creative land use and zoning mechanisms to conserve key forest resources and habitat areas.
  • Positively influencing local land use development by promoting smart growth principles with realtor estate agents, engineers and local decision makers.

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