‘Atlas’ Maps Vermont’s Renewable Energy Opportunities

On Earth Day 2010, the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund released its eagerly anticipated renewable energy mapping tool – the Renewable Energy Atlas of Vermont. This GIS-based web application uses state-of-the-art technology to identify, analyze and visualize existing and promising locations for renewable energy. The Atlas is an accessible tool for any interested Vermonter seeking more information about potential resources out their back door. The VSJF specifically also targeted the tool to serve as a resource for Vermont’s growing network of community energy committees.

This is an exciting new tool available to Vermonters who want to assess the potential of various renewable resources – in their backyard, at the community level, regionally or even beyond.

VNRC has been working with VSJF through the development of the Atlas. One particular complimentary opportunity we have identified is to help communities dovetail the Atlas’ inventory and analysis features with updating and strengthening the energy element of a community’s town plan. The Atlas could serve as a useful baseline of information to build a solid framework – a strong plan – for identifying best potential places for renewable energy development in your community.

Find more information about how VNRC can help you update your town plan in a way that strengthens opportunities for renewables, efficiency, alternative transportation, farmland protection and other community values by contacting Johanna Miller –  jmiller@vnrc.org or 802-223-2328 ext. 112. Find out more about how VNRC might help you here too.

Learn more about the Atlas and how you might use it by visiting the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund web site. And test this exciting tool by clicking here.

Read more about the Atlas in media reports upon its release here:

For more information about the Atlas, contact Scott Sawyer – the lead architect of the Atlas for the VSJF. Reach Scott at scott@vsjf.org or 802-828-1260.