Stopping Tar Sands in Vermont

February 21, 2013

VNRC has been working hard to stop a shortsighted and dangerous plan to transport the world’s dirtiest oil —tar sands — across Vermont’s lovely Northeast Kingdom and beyond.

In coalition with many partners, VNRC has been working to do what we can here in Vermont to stop the development and transport of Alberta tar sands — a move that that NASA Climate Scientists says would be “game over for the climate.”

The possibility of serving as a conduit to move the world’s dirtiest oil to market fundamentally undermines any action Vermonters have ever taken to tackle climate change. It would be all risk and little to no reward, with potential catastrophic consequences for Vermont’s natural resources — the very backbone of the Northeast Kingdom’s rural economy.

This is a pivotal moment in Vermont and the world’s history. Join us in stopping any effort to transport tar sands in Vermont! Learn more by:

  • Reading VNRC’s testimony before the House Fish, Wildlife and Water Resources Committee on H.27 — a bill that would strengthen Vermont’s hand in regulating or stopping tar sands oil transport.
  • Checking out a joint request VNRC filed — in conjunction with the National Wildlife Federation, Vermont Law School and others — for a jurisdictional opinion on this matter to the Act 250 District 7 coordinator.
  • Reading a report authored by the Natural Resources Defense Council and other partners, including VNRC, focused on this issue and keeping the Northeast tar sands free.

Also, check out some recent articles written on this issue. An AP story by Dave Gram and an article by VTDigger.