Thermal Efficiency Task Force

In 2008, Vermont enacted a statutory goal to substantially improve how efficiently we heat and cool 80,000 homes in the state by 2020. The Legislature set this goal because heating efficiency makes sense. Heating efficiency is the most cost effective strategy to keep the warmth in; minimizing waste, saving money and reducing greenhouse gas pollution — all while creating jobs for Vermonters.

Despite all these benefits, the state has fallen far short of meeting its residential and building efficiency goals. That’s why, last March, the Department of Public Service convened a Thermal Efficiency Task Force and charged it with making program, policy, financing and funding recommendations to address this shortfall. The task force released its final report January 15, 2013. The report outlines a myriad of recommendations, including several potential funding options for the Legislature to consider this session. 

Click here for a two-page summary of the Task Force’s report:

Read the final Thermal Efficiency Task Force report here:

Read the reaction of several task force members, including VNRC, about why now is the time to act to reduce the high cost of heating our homes and buildings.

Read a short summary of why this kind of investment is so essential:

And, to help ensure the Legislature acts on these good recommendations and enacts the essential, consistent funding source needed, here’s what you can do…

Remember, if enacted, the Task Force’s recommendations will:

  • Avoid 6.68 million tons of CO2 from going into the atmosphere (equal to taking over 1.2 million cars off the road for a year).
  • Deliver a 2 to 1 benefit/cost ratio — that means $2 saved for every $1 spent.
  • Save over $1.4 billion in NEW direct energy savings only (net present value). The monetary benefits beyond energy savings only are far more!
  • Create hundreds of jobs and needed commerce.

Make your voice heard! And, to dig into this important issue at the local level, don’t miss the chance to join efforts underway in your community — or start them — to participate in the Vermont Home Energy Challenge!