Affordable Heat: Saving Money and Cutting Pollution Through Efficiency

More and more Vermonters are reducing their energy bills — including high home heating costs — by investing in efficiency improvements. This publication highlights over a dozen success stories of Vermont residents and communities reaping many benefits from those investments.

Jim Wuertele of St. Johnsbury reduced his annual heating bill by over two-thirds. Joan Jackson no longer has to wear extra layers of clothing to stay warm inside her retrofitted Wallingford home. The Aronson family reduced their air leakage by 80%, fixing significant moisture and mold problems in their Woodbury home. And a retrofit of the South Hero Town Office was so successful that it reduced the office’s fuel bill by half and cut its carbon footprint by over 25,000 pounds of CO2.

As these success stories highlight, efficiency pays off, providing a powerful benefit for people’s pocketbooks — and the planet. Read on!